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Tuning our senses – Curiosity, compassion, courage

“How does change happen in nature? Small. It grows from a small seed… so small we almost don’t notice it, we don’t notice the importance.”

Drawing on the rich tools and practices of Theory U and U.Lab, we have been coming together and taking time to follow a journey into awareness based systems change – to ‘observe, observe, observe’, ‘retreat and reflect’, and then ‘act in an instant’ as we prototype the future that is wishing to emerge.

This week we experimented with opening up perspectives on reality across seven generations into the future, continuing to tune these inner instruments of knowing – sensing with open mind (inviting the richness of imagery and metaphor), open heart (knowing through felt sense) and open will (valuing body knowledge through gesture and action).

We felt moved by the depth of wisdom in the collective, and hearing reflected back the power of really being listened to, and hearing others.  To place trust in process in a goal oriented society is a real gift – trusting and exploring a process that invites us to let-go of habitual ways of knowing, and let-come a what is wanting to emerge – the core invitation of the U-journey.

Frozen mind, heart, will

Otto Scharmer writes in his latest blog about a particular kind of hope, what’s possible when we show up fully present with open mind, heart & will, open to connecting to the emerging future, our highest potential…

“Hope is grounded in a visceral sense of historic possibility that, in our better moments, we can connect with and bring into being.”

He asks, how deep will we go in finding our blind spots, our own inability to truly connect? Are we willing to practice opening our mind, heart & will? Are we willing to pause, reflect and notice where we are…

– Not seeing what is going on (frozen mind)

– Not feeling what I do see (frozen heart)

– Not acting on what I see and feel (frozen will)


We would love to know what the image of hope drawn by Carmen means to you – let us know starting with sentences ‘I sense…’, ‘I see…’ or ‘I feel…’?

And if you are interested to explore more around curiosity, compassion, courage, try reading and reflecting on this poem ‘Call me by my true names’ from Thich Naht Hanh…

What comes up in you when you step into another persons shoes, maybe someone that seems very different from you? What thoughts, feelings and impulses arise? What shoulds, fixed views, stuckness or numbness arises?

Journey on

We hope you’ll join us for the next phase as we dive into the U starting with co-sensing on Friday 10th July 2-3.30pm. We welcome people to participate, observe, create words, images or music, share ideas or share links to this website that might engage others to bring in their perspectives.

Register for our sessions here or share with your networks:

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