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Tuning our senses – Listening and responding

As a way to ‘tune our senses’ before officially starting our ULab journey in July, we hosted a space to explore deeper levels of listening and connection…

If you would like to try out the ‘Levels of Listening’ concepts, you can view and share the text version and image version of the we used in the session, and try it out for yourselves or with others.

Level 1: Downloading

Listening from habits

Here we are listening to reconfirm our existing views, opinions and judgements.

Level 2: Open Mind

Listening from outside

We listen for new data points, noticing differences.

Level 3: Open Heart

Listening from within

We listen with empathy, from my heart to yours, seeing from another’s eyes.

Level 4: Open Will

Listening from source

Whole self generative listening, connecting to source, to an emerging future.

We also experimented with different ways of responding – in silence, reflecting back, listening within for images, metaphor and gestures. So often in spaces for action we respond with more thoughts theories and strategies. Through these practices we find more choices in how to respond.


You may find it interesting/insightful to take a moment each evening, perhaps as you brush your teeth, to reflect on where your listening took you during the day.

  • Level 1. Habit. Were there times of listening for confirming data that supported old opinions and judgements?
  • Level 2. Curiosity. Did you notice times of listening with an ‘open mind’ to hearing difference without judgement?
  • Level 3. Compassion. Were there moments of listening with an ‘open heart’, the internal voice of doubt suspended?
  • Level 4. Courage. Perhaps you even glimpsed a future wanting to emerge, listening with ‘open will’ – suspending the voice of fear?

Did this vary between interactions with friends, loved ones, neighbours, strangers, colleagues?

Next session

We hope you will join us next time for Tuning Your Senses B – Curiosity, Compassion & Courage…

“Seeing our own shadows, seeing our own blind spots, is the source for transformation, for stepping into a new world.”

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